1. Background checks

In Jomtaxi, we do not take all drivers into our system. We verify and validate each drivers with SPAD, JPJ and PDRM

2. Feedback from passengers

Each passengers can rate drivers using our apps. As this rating could be bench mark to evaluate the taxi drivers. This rating is also increase chances for them to get more customers

3. Driver profiles before getting into taxi

Even before getting into taxi, you should be able to see your driver’s name, license plate number, photo, rating when your request is confirmed.

4. Insurance

From the moment you get into taxi, your ride is covered by third party insurance. You are in safe hand.

5. Share your journey with your loves one

With Jomtaxi, you can share your journey with your loves one using all in one Jomtaxi application. Your loves one will be on your toes as to ensure your safety.