Jomtaxi was formed on Nov 2015 by two experience entrepreneurs from two different industries. They are none other than Valens and George Grama. Valens who is the Founder and CEO of iCab Taxi Advertising which being one of the leader in Taxi Advertising in Malaysia who have innovated taxi advertising industry in Malaysia, where else George Grama is the Founder and CEO of Mondo Taxi from Romania who have successfully launched taxi booking apps in few countries such as Saudi Arabia, Romania, Sweden and USA. Together both intend to make taxi booking environment more friendly and exciting

Who Are We

We are a young and energetic company based in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Nothing excites us more than using technology to bring the same efficiency and customer experience to the taxi industry.

At Jomtaxi, we will help eliminate some of the everyday hassles. With our user friendly mobile apps, passengers can get a taxi quicker while taxi drivers can earn more money efficiently and reduces waiting time.

Jomtaxi smartphone apps are elegantly crafted apps with funky user interface and makes taxi booking more friendly and painless. Jomtaxi apps also designed to enable our passengers to track their taxi in real-time as it approaches and interact with drivers on real time using built in text chat features.

Our passengers also can rate the drivers and their entire experience. This feedback helps us work with drivers to constantly improve Jomtaxi’s experience.